Monday, November 30, 2015

The Coworking Movement is on Fire!

The technology we all enjoy like laptops, smart phones and Wi-Fi, has also freed us from the traditional workplace.

More and more small startups and “solopreneurs” trying to save money on office space rents are looking to co-working spaces.

Coworking is when business people working in different industries and for different companies all share the same physical office space.

This gives solopreneurs and entrepreneurs a good reason to get dressed every morning rather than just sitting in front of the computer in their PJs at home.

Plus, Coworking is helping with the ever inflating prices of office space in major cities like New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles & Miami just to name a few.

Elaine Pofeldt, a contributor to Forbes recently wrote an article talking about the threat to the Coworking movement because of skyrocketing office rents in those high profile cities.

 “With Coworking giant We Work at a reported $10 billion valuation and many competitors crowding into the market, it might seem that there’s never been a better time for free agents to find a cool, shared office space.

But in many big cities, this popular alternative to working from home faces a big threat: high real estate prices. Read more here 

What are the advantages to Coworking offices?

Renting a Coworking space also makes your one-person company look a lot bigger and more successful.

Most Coworking locations have a conference room where you can meet with clients.

Having a quiet and professional looking office will help you close more deals!

Of course most locations have all the amenities of a normal office like WI-FI, fax machine, printers, lunch room, etc.

Also working in a shared office space allows you to network with other people who are in different industries and who you might use as a subcontractor. When you are looking for a referral to help you close a deal, why not have a fresh pool of people to pick from or ask for a referral?

Also it turns out that working with people instead of “with” people makes for a much better day and attitude.

The Boston Globe wrote an article examining how Co-working spaces are the office without the politics.

As co-work spaces flourish, researchers have gotten interested, and it turns out that working with people — but not with them — can make for a productive environment.

“Because people aren’t competing for promotions, we’re finding they can be more of their authentic selves,” said Gretchen Spreitzer, a professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. “They don’t have to be so worried about impression management.” Read the rest…

Phoenix has many different flavors of Co-working spaces and companies to choose from.

A quick “Google search” brings up names like “Co-Hoots,” “The Lab” “Mod” and of course one of the kings of shared office space Regus.

phoenix coworking search

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You can find a wide variety of amenities at these facilities. even offers an onsite chef with healthy menu options and promises a 5 Star experience.

Prices are ranging from about $135 per month up to over $500 for a private office with walls and a locking desk.

Work environments are surely changing.

Keep co-working in mind if you are starting a new company or are tired of never leaving your house!

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