Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Really Clean Your House Fast and Like a Pro


Whether you are moving or it is the weekend and time to clean the house, making your home really clean can be challenging.

Women will say that if a man does it, they will be able to find dust swept under chairs and crumbs hidden under those canisters on the kitchen counter.

Face it, women are the best when it comes to a good deep cleaning job.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We dug hard and are proud to bring you some easy to do cleaning tips that even a guy can follow and get good results.

Ok we said good not great, let’s leave it at that.


First off, lets look at how NOT to do a real thorough cleaning.

This is pretty funny 🙂


Enough fooling around, let’s get down to the real meat of this article…


#1. Daily Kitchen Cleaning Routine!

Here’s a good kitchen cleaning routine – something you can do each day that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

It’s simple and it works!


#1b. 5 Nasty Things In Your Kitchen & How to Clean Them!

For those looking to tackle the toughest spots in their kitchen, this video is for you!


#2. Cleaning your sinks.

Here are some handy secrets for sink and drain cleaning – including:

– Emptying the sink, Cleaning the sink, Shining the sink & much more.


#3. Cleaning your Bathroom(s)

A bathroom cleaning routine for people that hate (and love) cleaning! Straightforward, thorough and well-explained.


#4. Cleaning Your Bedrooms

A simple system for how to clean and organize your bedrooms.


#5. Cleaning Your Carpets.

There are many ways to clean your carpets.

You can use baking soda or a cleaning machine.

Let’s look at both.


How To Clean A Carpet With Baking Soda



How To Deep Clean Your Carpets with a Machine


#6. Cleaning Your Garage

I find garages are smelly and grimy and tend to get disorganized throughout the year.

In this video, we tackle some common garage cleaning and storage challenges.


While you have a clean garage, you might as well do some organizing too.

How to Organize Your Garage

Get your garage organized with these helpful tips and storage solutions.


#7. How to Clean Your Yards.

Do you have grass lawns?

If so here are some helpful tips even if your guy has been playing Call of Duty 4 all winter long!


Back yard cleanup


How to Remove Weeds from your Lawn/Grass


How to Edge your Front Yard


How to clean your (green) dirty pool.

Just in case your pool needs a deep cleaning.


There you have it.

Following these tips should end with a super clean house, even if you are a guy!

Now take action!

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